50 years of monopoles in gauge theory

This conference is in part being held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the seminal papers by ‘t Hooft and Polyakov introducing monopoles in gague theory. Here is Michael Atiyah discussing magnetic monopoles and their dynamics (left) and their continued importance in mathematics and physics (right) while being interviewed by Nigel Hitchin in 1997.

Here is the video made by IBM in 1988 based on the papers by Atiyah and Hitchin:

Milestones in the history of monopoles

2024 marks fifty years since the discovery of smooth monopoles in nonabelian gauge theories. Below is a history of milestones in the development of the subject since its inception. This page is not large enough to accommodate all of the many contributions on this topic; the authors have endeavoured to highlight developments that had a lasting influence on the subject.